I am new to Warren County but in the few years I have lived here, I have grown to love this county, Front Royal, and the people who call this place home. Rural folks have a uniquely special sense of both independence and community. The recent events that have occurred in Warren County with the EDA and the alleged misappropriation of $17 million (now more than $21 million and counting) have left many in our community angry and our sense of trust in our elected officials and leaders severely damaged. 


This was caused in large part by the prevalence of one-party rule where our officials place their personal relationships ahead of professional obligations. Where due diligence is ignored in favor of expediency and familiarity. The people of Warren County deserve better. We deserve leadership we can trust, who will hold those in position of trust accountable. It is not enough to hold our leaders to the same standard; they must be held to a higher standard. I will do that.


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The job of Sheriff is not primarily a law enforcement job, it is a community leader that can bring people together to achieve the best outcomes for our community. It is also an administrative job. The sheriff manages budgets, supervises staff, monitors vendors and contracts, and sets policy priorities.

I worked my way through college as a security guard at a large commercial retail center often with on and off duty law enforcement. I spent three years working at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA, often with the Law Enforcement Activities Division, assisting with law enforcement training and competitions. For six years I worked as a freelance journalist covering the firearms industry including many law enforcement agencies, attending and participation in training sessions and seminars.

I believe that my background in economics, civil rights, education, law, public policy, and communications makes me the best candidate for this important responsibility. I have over 25 years’ experience as press spokesperson, media trainer, new technology specialist, government affairs liaison and coalition builder. I have written hundreds of articles published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Review and other top-tier media and industry publications, and written three books on firearms, training, and emergency preparedness. I have also served as a spokesperson on C-SPAN, PBS, MSNBC and FOX News, and testified before Congress on critical legislation.

I will bring the perspective of the citizen and the taxpayer to the job with no biases or preconceptions

Bachelor's Degree in Economics: University of Maryland

Juris Master: George Mason School of Law
Veteran: Army National Guard (Infantry)
ACLU Member

NAACP Member



The lack of a broad perspective in this position in the past means we keep trying the same things with the same results. As Sheriff I will be an advocate for real reform and real change to make our community safer and to safeguard the taxpayers’ money.

1. Promote real criminal justice reform that improves public safety and protects the taxpayer. The Sheriff is limited in what direct action he or she can take but can serve as an effective and vocal advocate for reform. This includes introducing drug court for first time offenders; addressing the problem of pre-trial detention for misdemeanors; eliminating cash bail; opposing mandatory minimum sentences; restoring voting rights for returning citizens; using diversion instead of incarceration for individuals with mental illness; supporting expungement of minor infractions; decriminalizing marijuana; supporting civil asset forfeiture reform; working with schools and community groups to promote early intervention programs to keep young people out of trouble; and treating drug addiction as a public health issue not a criminal justice issue. Our community needs more taxpayers not more inmates.

2. Promote diversity within the Sheriff's Office. We live in a diverse community and our Sheriff's Office should reflect that. It is not acceptable to simply say that diverse applicants do not apply. They need to be actively recruited. We need to reach out to those who are African American, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ, and who have different language skills and diverse backgrounds to represent all of the people in our community. I will make this a priority.


3. Exercise real fiscal responsibility. Be a true representative of the public and the taxpayer. I will ensure that your tax dollars are being spent as efficiently as possible.

4. Act as a watchdog of our public officials to ensure that they are held to the highest standard.

5. Increase public communications. I will maintain regular communications with the citizens of Warren County by making the best use of our social media resources so that there is a clear understanding of the public’s needs and that the public has a clear understanding of the activities and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office.

6. Abide by and demand the highest level of ethics, transparency, and accountability.

7. I will protect and promote the Constitutional rights and freedoms of all our citizens including due process of law





Jorge Amselle, Warren County, VA




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